Windows 2003 Server: Background Intelligent Transfer Service service hung on starting异常

在Windows 2003 Server启动过程中,弹出某服务启动异常,通过eventvwr查看,在System日志中果然发现如下异常信息:

The Background Intelligent Transfer Service service hung on starting.

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在网上 发现了针对上述问题的解决措施:

The problem you mentioned above is a known problem with BITS on Windows 2003.
BITS on Server 2003 depends on the EventSystem service, which may not be started before BITS (race condition). To fix the problem, add EventSystem to the list of dependencies for the BITS service. This can be done using regedit.exe or reg.exe.

The command line for reg.exe is:
reg.exe add "HKLMSystemCurrentControlSetServicesBITS" /v DependOnService /t REG_MULTI_SZ /d "RpcssEventSystem" -f

Regedit.exe will launch the Registry Editor GUI.
1. Browse to the registry key
2. Right-click on the value "DependOnService" and click on "Modify"
3. In the "Value data" text area type "EventSystem" on a new line below the line "Rpcss" and click Ok
4. Close the Registry Editor

Once you do this you will not see the problem you mentioned at the next reboot.

Please be aware that modifying registry is dangerous if you don't know what you are doing. The reg.exe command below is the preferred way to do this.


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