Presenter ’09 Update 7 (6.3.1009.1313) 发布了

其实也没特别大的更新,只是对office 2010的兼容性增强了。根据需要决定是否升级吧。如果你用低版本的office那就没多大必要升级。

Presenter ’09 Update 7 (6.3.1009.1313) was released September 16, 2010 and addressed the following items:

Added support for PowerPoint 2010 “With Previous” and “After Previous” animations in the Presenter Consolidated Recording window
Added messaging for users running Click-to-Run versions of Microsoft Office 2010
Fixed cross-site scripting vulnerability
Fixed issue where tabs would launch on resume in Presenter presentations
Fixed issue where Preview would preview the wrong presentation in PowerPoint 2010 if multiple presentations were open at the same time
Fixed issue where audio recorded via Slide Show > Record Narration in PowerPoint 2007 and earlier wouldn’t publish in PowerPoint 2010
Fixed issue where quizzes in Articulate Presenter wouldn’t send email results if question data contained an apostrophe
Fixed issue where publishing Quizmaker or Engage to PowerPoint 2010 would not work with multiple presentations open
Fixed issue where silent installations would take a long time in proxied environments
Fixed issue where numbered lists would not display in PowerPoint 2010

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