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开发Articulate Presenter课程时的一些PowerPoint小技巧,下面是英文原文,文章最后附有多媒体课程。都是英文的。多媒体课程部分即使你听不懂英文,但是你只要看具体的操作步骤一样可以学到东西的。

Keep graphics development separate from the elearning course. It’s a good idea to have one PowerPoint file to build the graphics. And then have another for the actual course. The advantage is that the course file will have fewer objects on the screen and make publishing faster. It’s also a good idea to keep the graphics production separate from the course file.(Ps. by 老周 大概意思就是用导入的图片素材,不要直接用PowerPoint里面的矢量素材。可以先画好后,然后存为图片再导入,目的是提高输出速度。因为矢量元素Articulate处理的非常慢)
Use colors you can modify. PowerPoint 2007 has a color scheme feature. I design my templates with the default color scheme and then if I want a unique color applied, I just create my own scheme. Get used to building your template for quick editing and reusability.(Ps. by 老周 如果你不懂颜色搭配的话,没有关系,利用PowerPoint 2007的功能轻松帮你搞定颜色搭配)
Create multiple masters. You can have as many master slides as you like. If I have four slides or more with mostly the same content, I’ll create a master slide. It makes it easier to edit and publishing is also a bit faster because a lot of the redundancy is removed.(PS. By 老周 创建多个母版,提高输出效率和开发效率)
Build navigation in your masters. You can add hyperlinks to the master slide and they will work across all of the slides. That’s how the tabs work in the demo above. In addition, if you add something like a next arrow to a master (and you don’t want it to show on your slide), create a box that covers it up.
Use slide masters as a repository for items you’re not using, but want access to. Sometimes I’ll create shapes or objects that work with the template but am not currently using. I create an extra master layout and dump those objects on the screen. They remain in the file, but don’t end up in the final publish.(PS. BY 老周 在母版中创建导航元素以及一些技巧)
Keep hyperlinks separate from the objects. Create a rectangle shape and add the hyperlinks to that. Then place the link shape on top of the place where you want the link to be. This makes it easier to work with the links when you want to do edits or move the links around. Prior to publishing, I make the link boxes completely transparent. (ps. by 老周 超级链接单独创建对象,独立出来)
Rename your objects. Starting with PowerPoint 2007, working with layered objects is a lot easier. You can move them around; and show/hide them, too. Because of this, it’s a good habit to rename the objects so it’s much easier to work with them as layers.(ps. by 老周 给对象命名,方便自己的工作)

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