Atriculate Presenter ‘09 Update 6

应部分朋友的需求将这次Articulate Presenter的这次更新内容贴出来。
添加的新功能有 支持 Office 2010;支持.net 4( joe 老周不明白这里的.net 4有什么意义)

Added support for Office 2010
Added support for .NET 4
Added ability to deactivate Presenter
Added prompt to re-enable Presenter Ribbon if disabled
Added link to prompt that add-in was loaded
Fixed issues with Japanese characters in publish title producing blank index.html file
Fixed issues that would lead to corrupt PPTA file
Fixed issue where tracking via slides wouldn’t work when updating Quizmaker quiz
Fixed issue with a presentation failing to publish
Fixed issues related to European number formatting and audio editor
Fixed issue where warning would display about add-in being loaded before PowerPoint was ready
Fixed issue with error on saving changes in audio editor then immediately closing and reopening
Fixed issue where logo wouldn’t appear with Flash Player 10,0,45,0
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