Articulate Storyline Update 2. December 14, 2012.

对于Articulate Presenter老周现在是基本完全摒弃,没有安装了。这种傻瓜式的开发工具说实话现在随处可见,没什么竞争性。

想法老周还是比较关注Articulate Storyline,这种定制性比较强的开发工具还是比较和老周的口味。许久未使用它,原来它也有了新的修订版本出来了。

下载地址如下: 或者

当然,比Articulate Presenter幸运的是这个版本的破解补丁也出来了,不要错过哦。


Articulate Storyline 2 (1212.1412) was released December 14, 2012:

Added feature for lossless image optimization when publishing for mobile
Added support for custom player tabs in HTML5 output
Improved HTML5 output to reduce redrawing the canvas in some browsers
Improved audio support for HTML5 output in mobile Safari in iOS 6 and later
Enhanced video encoding for faster processing and publishing
Increased system memory allocation to improve performance on some systems
Fixed issue where ContainerCanNotOpen error could occur and project wouldn't save
Fixed issue where .story files could become corrupt in some scenarios
Fixed issue where the Insert > Character window would display a red X
Fixed issue where character with perspective shadow would have a white background
Fixed issue where photographic character would not display when the Insert > Character window was maximized
Fixed issue where top or bottom of slide would be cut off when previewed or published
Fixed issue where base layer objects were missing when replaying a slide
Fixed issue where slide layers wouldn’t display when returning to the same slide multiple times
Fixed issue where a slide layer couldn't be duplicated if it included one or more markers
Fixed issue where label text for markers on duplicated slide layers wouldn't get exported for translation
Fixed issue where screen recordings couldn't be cut, copied, duplicated, or imported
Fixed issue where score would be 100% with a status of Failed in Articulate Online or an LMS
Fixed issue where text with different font sizes was improperly aligned
Fixed issue where text animated by first level paragraph couldn’t be hidden
Fixed issue where Hindi text would display incorrectly in player tabs or would be missing
Fixed issue where Russian text would display incorrectly in player tabs
Fixed issue where PowerPoint presentations with Russian text could fail to import
Fixed issue where OpenType (OTF) fonts are incorrect when previewing or publishing
Fixed issue where printed quiz results would display in original language rather than translated language
Fixed issue where smart quotes would add extra space in the Notes panel
Fixed issue where quotation marks would cause fill-in-the-blank and text entry questions to be scored incorrectly
Fixed issue where special characters in slide titles would make the sidebar menu disappear in published output
Fixed issue where items in a scrolling panel or grouped object could not be reordered in the timeline
Fixed issue where lengthy text in the resume prompt would hide the Yes and No response buttons in Flash output
Fixed issue where a portion of text in an Essay response could not be selected
Fixed issue where right-to-left text would display incorrectly in some quiz feedback/review elements
Fixed issue where text in Matching Drop-down and Sequence Drop-down questions would overflow drop-down containers during quiz review
Fixed issue where formatting copied to the answer choice box from a button via Format Painter would not display when previewed or published
Fixed issue where text would change color in the Chalkboard theme
Fixed issue where resources with the same filename but different file extensions would have the same icon
Fixed issue where smart quotes in variable values would prevent Tin Can API content from resuming properly
Fixed issue where an error—“Unable to connect to the server”—could occur when viewing HTML5 content from Articulate Online in mobile Safari
Fixed issue where a quiz could not be retried in HTML5 output
Fixed issue where quiz score would not display on result slide in HTML5 output
Fixed issue where slide would go blank when submitting interactions in HTML5 output
Fixed issue where grouped objects couldn't be dropped in HTML5 output
Fixed issue where Prev and Next buttons would display during quiz review in HTML5 output even though player navigation controls are disabled
Fixed issue where drag and drop interactions would display incorrectly during quiz review in HTML5 output
Fixed issue where animated GIF would have a pink background in HTML5 output
Fixed various issues in HTML5 output
Fixed various issues with special characters and diacritical marks (such as accents, umlauts, and tildes)
Fixed various issues with the way themes/slide masters are handled
Fixed various issues for systems using 16-bit color depth
Fixed various issues with the way states are displayed
Fixed various undo/redo issues
Fixed miscellaneous publishing irregularities
Fixed miscellaneous exceptions

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  1. wyqqjh

    呵呵,Articulate Storyline Update 3也出来了。安装和破解文件都到手。

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