Adobe Captivate 2.0 vs Camtasia Studio 3.1

Streaming Media has an extensive comparison of Captivate 1.1 with Camtasia Studio 3.1.

While this does not take into account the new Flash Video, Simulation or Zoom features introduced in Captivate 2, it still gives a fairly good idea of these two amazing software simulation programs - "If you're creating a range of training, demonstration, and presentation projects, you probably need both tools."

If you're creating a quick-and-dirty software demo, or a PowerPoint presentation to post to a Web site, Camtasia is a better tool. On the other hand, if you're creating interactive demos or training, or a complex software demonstration, Captivate is superior.

Camtasia excels at capturing streaming video, which Captivate does poorly. The situation reverses if you're creating a quiz, where Captivate offers a much richer toolset.



另外 camtasia 4.0版本也出来了,新版本更新的速度比captivate要快哦。 也许captivate是受两个公司合并的影响吧。

两个软件我都使用过并投入实际应用,其中captivate我觉得最大的问题就是录制时间一长问题就非常多;例如 编辑非常占用系统资源、工程文件非常大、合并删减内容后,文件总容量并不改变。

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