Macromedia Director

Macromedia® Director®, the leading multimedia development tool, and Adobe Shockwave Player, the leading web content player, are uniquely suited to creating online or downloadable games, training and educational content, and desktop-based applications.

When is the next version of Director software expected to be released?
Adobe has not published an official time frame for the next release of Director and generally does not disclose details of new releases more than 30 days before a product is expected to ship. However, our current planning assumption is that the next major release of Director will be in the second half of 2007.
What features are included in the next version of Director?
Adobe is in the process of determining which features will be included in the next version of Director. Some of the features being planned include multiuser support, user interface and workflow improvements, support for Intel® based Mac computers, and Unicode support.
What are Adobe’s long-term plans for Director?
Director is a market-leading product with a loyal and substantial user base. Adobe will continue to invest in Director and develop new releases targeting current and future innovations in multimedia development. Future versions will be rebranded as "Adobe Director." Adobe plans to make Director the preferred environment for games creation and to increase the use of Shockwave Player on computers, consoles, and mobile devices. Adobe maintains a dedicated engineering team devoted to the ongoing development of Director.
How can I participate in shaping the next version of Director?
Adobe monitors user forums and support logs for input on its software. Events and shows provide great opportunities for customers to meet Adobe staff members and directly discuss their requirements. You can submit new feature requests for all Adobe products, including Director and Shockwave Player software, using the Feature Request and Bug Report submission form found at
How can I upgrade from a previous version of Director?
Macromedia Director 8.5 and Macromedia Director MX users can upgrade to the currently available Macromedia Director MX 2004 version, available either through our online store, at, or through distributors such as CDW, PC Connection, PC Mall, and Zones, for their respective upgrade prices. When the next version of Director is released, Macromedia Director MX and Macromedia Director MX 2004 users will be able to upgrade for the listed upgrade price.
Where can I find technical support for Director?
Adobe provides a range of free and fee-based technical support services. Details can be found at For additional Director support information, visit the Director Support Center at


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